What to expect-

No two couples are the same, no two weddings are the same- so expect me to individually tailor your experience to YOU.

Expect us to get to know each other at the complimentary engagement session (I'll probably ask if you want to bring your pet along too). I'll expect you to be a little awkward, and it'll be a little weird for the first ten minutes or so as I, a complete stranger, directs you to kiss your fiancé while I take photos of it (gosh I love my job). Expect to get answers to any wedding questions you might have- preferred vendors, where to get certain floral arrangements, timeline issues and what accent color goes best with navy. Expect to meet me over coffee a few weeks before the wedding to go over everything. And you can expect me to show up at your wedding day, fully caffeinated, with at least three (possibly five) cameras and a great attitude. Expect me to take shots of everything you told me is important to you and probably cry while you say your vows, and leave the ceremony with a happy heart, sore feet, and full SD cards. And then you can expect your photos, around 6 weeks later and relive your beautiful most special day, preserved for you to look back on forever.

ready for me to document your most favorite day ever?

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