Winter Portraits (bring your dog)

Heidi and her good boy Boone

Portrait sessions are my favorite.

Outdoor in spring, amongst the summer flowers, or by the side of the road in winter, there's so many ways to tell your story.

I've heard these types of sessions being called different things- self-love portraits or story telling photos.

Whatever they're called, they're some of my absolute favorite to shoot. So much so that I wrote about them here.

Please enjoy Heidi, her dog, a cute fruit stand in Nampa, and the side of the road where we pulled over and nearly got stuck in the mud (peep the muddy white shoes in the last pics).

nampa idaho lakeview fruit
idaho portrait photographer
dog photo portrait inspo
good boy kisses idaho
dog shaking paws photo
boise idaho photographer
woman tipping her head smiling at the sky
middle of the road photo inspo
blurry image of girl in the road
laughing in the road treasure valley in winter
snowy idaho in the winter photo

Want in on this?